After School Clubs

Fun and learning can extend beyond the classroom in the form of extra-curricular activities. From music and the arts, to organized sports, after school activities can help to build community, school spirit, and camaraderie between and among staff and students. In addition, these opportunities enable students to pursue interests, hone skills, discover hidden talents, and develop team building and leadership skills. We encourage all students to take part.


Soccer Club

Soccer is the most popular sport at CBS. Students registered in this club learn the basic soccer skills and have fun with friends during a fun soccer match.


Basketball Club

Basketball is one of the most popular sports for elementary aged students. This club is to develop students’ fundamental basketball skills as well as individual and social skills.


Dodgeball Club:

Dodge ball is a fun game. Students can build team spirit, improve shooting skills and win the game with their team.


Fun Games Club

The Fun Games club helps students to have more physical activities during the week where they will interact with colleagues. They will learn to be fair and to follow instructions more accurately. Students play lots of fun games where they use balls, cones, scooters, parachute, pots, floor markers, tunnels, hoops and lots more.







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