Intervention (ESL)

Learning a second language can sometimes pose difficulties, especially for students who have had limited or interrupted schooling in their first language. As a result, they can sometimes find themselves falling behind their peers which can affect their self-confidence and self-esteem. To support English as a Second Language (ESL) students at CBS, we offer both in-school and after-school ESL support.

In-School ESL Support:
Working with the classroom teacher, our qualified ESL teachers focus on providing small-group instruction in the core elements of phonics, reading fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and writing. While much of the instruction takes place within the classroom, there may be short periods of time when students are withdrawn to provide more intensive instruction and support.

After-School English Language Training (ELT):
Our after-school ELT program offers additional support for students, as identified by teachers and/or parents. This support is intended to build on the foundational skills introduced in the classroom setting. Students continue to develop reading, speaking and writing skills through interactive games, drama, and reading simple stories in this program.