Student Council

At the beginning of every academic year, we elect our Student Council members in a democratic way. The elected student body is our representative and they represent us in all inter-school activities. They are also responsible for addressing any queries or complaints that their fellow students have.

The council organizes various intra-school activities throughout the year- Quiz contests, bake sales, barbeques, sports tournaments, and charity runs.

The council also acts as a communication channel between the students and the administration. 


            Student Council Members


            Nataly-Grade 12                                       

                    President                                                                                    Vice President

               Nataly Ayman Hamayel                                                 Hossein Mohammad Ghayadi

                               Grade 12                                                                                                Grade 11


                                                                         Class Representative

                                                                            Khalid Eid Al Shehri

                                                                                          Grade 10


               Class Representative                                                    Class Representative        

                 Saif Fhaid Al Mutairi                                            Abdullahmeed Ali Al Baker

                               Grade 9                                                                                      Grade 9



        Class Representative                                      Class Representative

       Ahmed Meshary Al Kooh                               Iqbal Mubarak Al Sabah

                 Grade 8                                                             Grade 8



        Class Representative                                      Class Representative

      Omar Mohammed Al Anzi                           Khalid Mohamed Faraj Al Adwani

                   Grade 7                                                             Grade 7



Student Council Events 2016-2017



 September 28th

 Creative Hat Day

 October 26th

 Student Council Elections

 October 13th

 Walk for cure

 October 20th

 Career Day

 November 17th

 Yellow Day

 December 10th

 CBS Fun Day

 December 15th

 HS Beach Clean up / Blue Day

 January 19th

 Twin Day

 February 16th

 Candygram Day

 March 16th

 Book Character Day

 March 26th-30th

 Healthy Living Week

 Anti-bullying Prject (HS)

 March 29th

 HS Healthy Living Event

 April 20th

 Talent Show

 April 23rd-27th

 Earth Week

 May 25th

 Worker's Appreciation Awards



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