Extra Curricular

After School Clubs

Fun and learning can extend beyond the classroom in the form of extra-curricular activities. From music and the arts, to organized sports, after school activities can help to build community, school spirit, and camaraderie between and among staff and students. In addition, these opportunities enable students to pursue interests, hone skills, discover hidden talents, and develop team building and leadership skills. We encourage all students to take part.

The after school clubs are offered for free for 7 weeks in each semester on Wednesdays from 2:45pm-3:30pm after school.


Knitting Club:

An afternoon club which may be attended by interested students and members of staff. Club members will receive instruction according to their individual skills and development; knitting may of course be done at home as well. We will start with a knitting sample or teo and then proceed to items of individual choice.


Drama & Dance Club:

Drama is represented in performance: a play, dance, mime, musicals, poetry etc. It enables one to communicate through different ways. Drama can be seen as an important tool to prepare students for the challenges in life.


Art & Craft Club:

Students will have the opportunity to work on various arts and crafts, focusing on recyclable and non-recyclable materials to create the art works. It also helps them to develop their creativity and express their feelings through art.


GGA (Girls Getting Along) Club:

In this program, we encourage young girls to learn to appreciate one another, support each other and motivate them to become united. This will be done through team-building activities, discussions about supporting one another, fun games and special events where we build better relationships


Needling Club

Needling and cross-stitching is a form of sewing in which X-shaped stitches sewed in a pattern are used to form a picture. It is similar to embroidery and is considered a craft and an art form. This art form was traditionally taught to young girls by their mothers. Historically women and young girls have created beautiful and unique patterns which would be kept as heirlooms by their families. Girls who would like to learn this traditional craft to create beautiful patterns are invited to join.


Analytical Geometry:

Students will learn how they can use square set for the drawing of different geometrical shapes and objects with accuracy, the use of grid paper for scale and map drawings for navigation, designing of 3-D models with accuracy & much more.


Restorative Justice Club:

The need for developing positive role models among our student body is critical for the development of a more positive social environment. By and large, our students do not have the strategies or the skills to follow and maintain the standards set in the CBS guidelines.

Students struggle within maintaining positive relationships with peers and teachers, which often leads to conflict. The purpose of the Restorative Justice Support Group is to give students the strategies they need to resolve disagreements and conflicts, but also help promote a more positive environment within the school compound. The selected students will be trained and promoted to the status of peer mentor.


Robotics Club:

Participants will think, plan and exceute assembly of robots using components from kits. The activity is aimed at developing, planning, designing, problem solving and analytical skills.


Exercise One-On-One:

Students will discover fun ways of staying active. The club combines education and activity, giving students more choice and voice when it comes to their physical fitness. The goal is to help students develop an inherent appreciation for physical fitness at an early age.


Yearbook Club:

The CBS Yearbook Club is an opportunity for our students to learn first hand the in's and out's of producing the CBS Yearbook from start to finish. Students from Grade 11-12 will be given the oppurtunity to learn skills in photography, editing, art as well as layout designing to assist in the production of our Yearbook. Under the guidance of the CBS Yearbook committee members, your child will learn valuable skills that can be applied to their everyday school life and beyond.