Student Council

At the beginning of every academic year, we elect our Student Council members in a democratic way. The elected student body is our representative and they represent us in all inter-school activities. They are also responsible for addressing any queries or complaints that their fellow students have.

The council organizes various intra-school activities throughout the year - Quiz contests, bake sales, barbeques, sports tournaments, and charity runs.

The council also acts as a communication channel between the students and the administration.


Student Council Members


Head Boy
Abdullah Fahad Al Khuranij
Grade 12
Head Girl
Menatalla Khaled Soliman
Grade 12
Deputy Head Boy
Naser Eid Al Rashidi
Grade 11
Deputy Head Girl
Jawa Rashdan Hassan Al Rashdan
Grade 11
Class Representative
Hana Adel Elsharkawy
Grade 10
Class Representative
Iqbal Mubarak Al Sabah
Grade 10
Class Representative
Jaber Ahmad Ahmadi
Grade 9
Class Representative
Zaina Alaa Abu Zour
Grade 9
Class Representative
Abdel Aziz Abdelsalam Bathal
Grade 8A
Class Representative
Ghaith Mohammed Ghaith Al Thayyar
Grade 8B
Class Representative
Adnan Abdullah Adnan Moha Al Saqoubi
Grade 7A
Class Representative
Fouzan Thalaya Al Fozan
Grade 7B
Class Representative
Zaid Alaa Abu Zour
Grade 6A
Class Representative
Ibrahim Yasser Murad
Grade 6B
Student Council Members 2018-2019
 Name  Gender  Grade  Position
 Abdullah Fahad Al Khuranij  Boy  12  Head Boy
 Menatalla Khaled Soliman  Girl  12  Head Girl
 Naser Eid Al Rashidi  Boy  11  Deputy Head Boy
 Jawa Rashdan Hassan Al Rashdan  Girl  11  Deputy Head Girl
 Iqbal Mubarak Al Sabah  Girl  10  Class Representative
 Hana Adel Elsharkawy  Girl  10  Class Representative
 Zaina Alaa Abu Zour  Girl  9  Class Representative
 Jaber Ahmad Ahmadi  Boy  9  Class Representative
 Ghaith Mohammed Al Ghaith Al Tayyar  Boy  8B  Class Representative
 Abdel Aziz Abdelsalam Bathal  Boy  8A  Class Representative
 Adnan Abdullah Adnan Moha Al Saqoubi  Boy  7A  Class Representative
 Fouzan Thalaya Al Fozan  Boy  7B  Class Representative
 Ibrahim Yasser Murad  Boy  6B  Class Representative
 Zaid Alaa Abu Zour  Boy  6A  Class Representative


CBS Houses

Canadian Bilingual School has introduced the House System for students of Grade 1-12 to promote the following characteristics:

  • Pride - of belonging to a House, making connections with new and different groups of students
  • Teamwork - from working with students from other year groups with a common aim
  • Leadership skills - by managing and coordinating, taking lead role in a project, tournament or competition
  • Healthy competition - by learning the valuable life skills of 'humble in victory and magnanimous in defeat'
  • Citizenship - by seeing beyond school working on school-wide events and projects


The four houses in CBS are:



CBS House Heads 2018-19
 AQUA HOUSE  Mohammed Faisel Ghunaim Al Mutairy
 GREEN HOUSE  Soud Faisel Al Otaibi
 ORANGE HOUSE  Shaha Mansour Al Anizi
 Abdulhameed Ali Al Baker