Student Council

At the beginning of every academic year, we elect our Student Council members in a democratic way. The elected student body is our representative and they represent us in all inter-school activities. They are also responsible for addressing any queries or complaints that their fellow students have.

The council organizes various intra-school activities throughout the year - Quiz contests, bake sales, barbeques, sports tournaments, and charity runs.

The council also acts as a communication channel between the students and the administration.                     

CBS Houses

       Canadian Bilingual School has introduced the House System for students of Grade 1-12 to promote the following characteristics:

  • Pride - of belonging to a House, making connections with new and different groups of students
  • Teamwork - from working with students from other year groups with a common aim
  • Leadership skills - by managing and coordinating, taking lead role in a project, tournament or competition
  • Healthy competition - by learning the valuable life skills of 'humble in victory and magnanimous in defeat'
  • Citizenship - by seeing beyond school working on school-wide events and projects


        The four houses in CBS are: